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Enterprise Sampling Solution

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SamplingXL is the most advanced underground sampling solution available.

Based on our high performance graphics engine SamplingXL allows you to view any other spatial data with your sampling data. Both Sql Server and Oracle are supported as database backends.

Exports sample sections directly to graphics


SamplingXL exports sample sections directly to graphics, and there is a hot link from graphics to your sampling sheets and vice versa.

Sample sheet reports can be exported as PDF and sample sheets can even be mailed via e-mail.

Sections can be coordinated by placing tapes, relative to pegs, and the full construction is saved with the sample sheet. This allows sections to be re-coordinated if desired when pegs are re-surveyed.

SamplingXL has a web services interface, direct link to spatial databases (Oracle, SQL Server or SpatialBase) and ability to e-mail sample sheets making it a true enterprise solution.

The sample database can be accessed by third party code, it is totally open allowing clients to configure their own custom reporting via reporting services etc.

SamplingXL is used successfully by the following professions:

  • Sampler
  • Mineral Resource Manager
  • Mining Professional – Reporting
  • And more…


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