Scene Tips Manual

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Scene Tips Manual


Scene Tips is a feature available in all our spatial products, it can be accessed at the bottom of your spatial pane in the following location:




Before using this tool make sure to have Scene Tips enabled by clicking the following button also at the bottom of your spatial pane, when it is greyed it means it’s on:




Make sure you are on the layer you want to make scene tips for in the Layers Description box before opening Scene Tips:




Now you can open up Scene Tips which will bring up the following dialogue which is actually part of the Layer Properties box for the layer. Make sure Show Scene Tips for this layer(1) is ticked on. Click the Edit Scene Tips button(2), this will bring up the Scene Tips Editor(3):






You can type in your scene tip in the area below(1) and in the Home tab(2) you can do various things to format the text:




Now in the Insert tab are a number of things you can do to customize your scene tip:




We will take up each section of the tab: