Layer Fields

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The first thing you can do is Insert Layer Field(1) which brings up a dropdown list where you can select a field in your layer data to display in the scene tip. So, I will choose Description here for example which means when I hover over a point in my scene the Description of that point will be displayed. This is then inserted in the area below(2):






Then if you have an image column in your layer data grid(1) you can choose to have this inserted into your scene tip as well by clicking the Insert Layer Image(2) button which will bring up a dropdown list where you can choose the column. The corresponding image for each point will be displayed in the scene tip when the point is hovered over. I will choose the Images column in my data. This is then inserted below(3):








If I am done, then I can click OK and my scene tip will have been saved and now I can go to my scene and view it: